Meet Bilna Sandeep. Founder of Homepreneurs Club.

My day job is not in an industry related to digital marketing or social media or small business. I am a Civil Engineer, Chartered Surveyor, who works as a Commercial Lead in a Facilities Management Company.

So how did I come to the field of Small Businesses and Digital marketing?

Back in 2013, when my son was around 1 year old, I decided to take a career break. That was when I ventured into the world of blogging. I had a blog named Monsoon Breeze ( which I archived now). I also started managing Facebook Pages of many small business owners during this time as a side hustle.

I, later on, started offering my consulting to Small Business Owners who were starting out into the field of Social media. 

Corporate Business Lessons converted into bite-sized pieces for my Small Business Owners!

That is what I do now. Every day I learn business lessons in my corporate world. I also have a deep interest in Social Media and Digital Marketing which I learn every day by investing in different courses offered by experts around the world. I share this knowledge with my Homepreneurs club members every month, as simple and easy step-by-step strategies, that they can easily implement into their business.

Do you want my 3 step Formula to get Engagement on your Social Media Captions?


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